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Abortion Recovery

An Outreach of Oasis Pregnancy Care Centers

    Support From People Who Care   

Very few women or men walk away from an abortion experience without regrets.  It was supposed to be a quick fix – the only way to keep your life on track…but as hard as you try, the memories won’t stay buried.  The broken places in your life keep surfacing.  The “freedom to choose” doesn’t feel like freedom at all.

You may have made your choice willingly, without any hang ups or second thoughts. Or you might have been pressured by other people including some you cared   about and respected. Maybe you felt like it was your only option. In any case, you made the choice without any real idea how and how long that choice would affect you.


    Don't Suffer Alone   

    Don't Suffer Alone   

Many women just like you have found true freedom and healing from the pain of their abortions. Oasis Pregnancy Care Centers offer a confidential, non-judgmental environment in which you can talk about your feelings and consider group support if you choose.

It’s time for you to choose again – to make a choice to heal, to become strong, to be restored.  We know this choice is far from easy… to go back and work through that difficult time of your life.  But it is worth it, YOU are worth it!  We are here to help.

All of our services are free of charge.

To speak with someone or to find out about upcoming support groups.


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